Hunter Mill Swim and Racquet Club is a private club providing recreation facilities for members and their guests. Membership is at the invitation of the Board of Directors.

Member Portal

Members can use our Member Portal to manage their membership profiles, upload check-in photos, pay dues, and buy guest passes. The Member Portal is hosted on Member Splash.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

For both Full Memberships and Lease Memberships, prospective members should fill out our online Membership Application Form and pay the $50.00 Application Fee to Hunter Mill Swim & Racquet Club (HMSRC). The Application Fee is deducted from the membership cost and is non-refundable. There may be a wait list. Former leasees in good standing are automatically added to the Wait List for Full Membership at the end of their lease season and do not need to reapply. Membership types and wait list process are described below. In addition, the FAQ may answer some of your general questions about HMSRC membership. Before applying, we encourage you to review the information on this website to learn more about the Club's offerings for Social, Tennis, Fitness, Swim Lessons, and Swim Team, in addition to our Club's calendar and hours during the season. After reviewing the website, if you have additional questions, please contact the Membership Director at Thank You!

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Membership Fees

2021 Season Fees
Application Fee $50.00 (one-time, non-refundable, applied toward Membership Initiation)
Full Membership Initiation (Family & Empty Nester) $750.00 (one-time, non-transferable, non-refundable)
Annual Dues - Family Membership $650.00
Annual Dues - Empty Nester Membership $450.00
Absentee Membership $125.00
Lease Membership $895.00 (one year trial Membership, $150.00 applied toward future Membership Fee)
Late Payment $50.00 (payment of annual dues after 2021 deadline)

Membership Types

  • Full Membership - A Full Membership entitles all members of a household to use of the HMSRC facilities within the guidelines of the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. Full Membership requires a one-time, non-transferable, non-refundable Full Membership Initiation fee. In addition to the Membership Fee, the member must also pay the Annual Dues. Invoices for Annual Dues generally are sent to all active members in February of the current year and are due in March. Membership runs on a calendar year (January - December). Members retain Full Membership privileges for as long as they continue to pay their Annual Dues and comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Club. The Annual Dues amount is based on whether the membership is Family or Empty Nester, as defined below:
    • Family - 1 or more persons
    • Empty Nester - 2 adults (18 or older)
    The Empty Nester membership type was introduced in late 2017. Members wishing to change from Family to Empty Nester should do so before Annual Dues are collected, which is done prior to the start of the season.

  • Lease Membership - Lease Membership allows an interested family to use the Club facilities as a member for one year only. Lease Membership applications usually are processed in the late March – early April timeframe after the Club has processed all returning, retiring, absentee, and new Full members. For the season following the one year lease period, if the family wishes to join as a Full member, is in good standing, and the Club has a Full Membership to offer at that time, the Lease member must pay the one-time, non-transferable, non-refundable Full Membership fee and then also pay the Annual Dues for that season. Lease Memberships are limited and do not guarantee a Full Membership will be available for the following year. If a Lessee does not accept a Full Membership when it is offered, the Lessee will be removed from the Wait List.

  • Absentee Membership - In the event that a full member is leaving the area and plans to return at a future date. You can apply for an absentee status via the absentee form in the Member Portal. During the Absentee period, the member gives up their right to access the Club facilities and participate in Club activities. Full Membership is restored upon payment of the Annual Dues in the following year. A member may obtain Absentee Membership status for up to three consecutive years.

Wait List

At the time of application and payment of the Application Fee to HMSRC, applicants choose either Full Membership or Lease Membership. Applicants may also indicate they are willing to accept the other form of membership if the one they selected is not available. If there are no Full Memberships or Lease Memberships available at the time an application is received, the prospective member is placed on the Club's Wait List. The Wait List is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Those on the Wait List will be notified by email when a membership of the type they selected becomes available. Once either a Full Membership or Lease Membership is accepted, the Wait List fee will be applied to the membership fee due.

Membership Retirement

If a member no longer wishes to maintain his or her membership with the Club, the member should send an email notification to The Club volunteers will mark the member’s account as "Retired" in the Club records and the member will no longer receive email communications from HMSRC. There is no longer a retirement incentive.

Membership Conveyance

A Full Membership to HMSRC may be an attractive selling feature for a home of a current member who is moving away from the area. The Board recognizes this and will allow a member to convey their Full Membership (Lease Memberships may not be conveyed or otherwise transferred) to the purchaser of their home under the following conditions:

  1. The member must inform the Club of the intention to convey the Full Membership to the home purchaser by sending such notice to
  2. The purchaser of the home must submit the Membership Application and pay the $50.00 Application Fee to the Club.
  3. Once the member and purchaser have completed the closing for the home sale, the member and the purchaser must each send a communication to the Club at acknowledging and confirming the completion of the home sale. The member is required to provide the name of the home purchaser and the effective date of the home sale.
  4. Upon receipt of the acknowledge and confirmation from the member, as well as the Membership Application and Application Fee from the purchaser, the Membership Director will contact the purchaser with an offer for the previous member’s Full Membership and the Treasurer will invoice the purchaser for the one-time, non-transferable, non-refundable Membership Fee in effect at the time of sale. The purchaser must pay the Membership Fee before the new Full Membership for the purchaser is activated.