Gazebo/Clubhouse Reservation Form

This form provides information for hosting an event at the Hunter Mill Swim & Racquet Club. It can be used for rentals of either the outdoor gazebo or the indoor clubhouse space. Rental fee is $125.00 which will be invoiced when your event is confirmed by the Social Chair. Rental fee includes up to 15 guests. The fee for additional guests is $5 per guest. You will be invoiced for the rental via email and payment must be made online.

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Club Policies for Events
  1. Reservations require approval by a member of the Board of Directors. Requests made less than two weeks in advance of event are subject to Board availability to review and approve.
  2. No more than two events can be scheduled on one day and time may not overlap. Events are scheduled based on the order in which completed reservation materials are received.
  3. Events are limited to three hours. Events must complete no less than ten minutes prior to pool closing time. Event area must be clean at this time and check out performed with pool Manager on-duty.
  4. Member is responsible for guest fees for all non-me mbers who attend event. Member must provide total number of guests to pool Manager and receipt will be issued.
  5. One adult must be present for each four persons und er the age of 16. Member is responsible to ensure persons follow Club rules and instruction of Life Guards and Club Staff at all times.
  6. Member is responsible to ensure facility is not damaged (including tables, chairs, fans, lights) and that entire area is cleaned at end of event. Damage and/or cleaning fee will result in additional fee charged to member.
  7. In the event of pool closure due to thunder/lightening during event, Social Chair will determine appropriate resolution. Other schedule changes are at discretion of Social Chair (who is really nice, by the way).

Complete the following form to request private use of the gazebo or clubhouse.

Property Section *
Note: Propane is NOT provided by Club; you must bring & take your own propane

I agree to and understand that the sponsoring Member (Parent/Guardian) must be present at all times. I also will provide the names of non-member guests and acknowledge that a $5.00 per person guest fee will be invoiced to Member account for non-member guest counts above 15. I have read and I agree to the Club policies for the event described on this form. I understand that any damage and/or cleaning costs resulting from the event, will be my financial responsibility and costs to resolve will be charged to my member account.