Membership FAQ

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. To ask a question, send an email to

What is HMSRC’s total membership capacity?

320 families, inclusive of Full and Lease members.

From what communities do HMSRC members come?

Our members primarily pull from Vienna, VA (22180, 22181, and 22182) and Oakton, VA. The vast majority of our families are in the Madison, Oakton, South Lakes, and Marshall high school pyramids. However, we do have members from other jurisdictions.

May I visit the pool before submitting an application?

Please contact

After I apply, when will I hear from HMSRC regarding my Full Membership or Lease Membership application?

After all returning, absentee, and retiring members are processed, typically in the late March – early April timeframe, we will contact new applicants as Full and Lease opportunities become available for the upcoming swim season. Occasionally, HMSRC contacts Wait List members earlier as membership opportunities arise.

Does HMSRC offer August leases?

Yes, we have a very limited number of August-only leases available to applicants on our Wait List. The Membership Director will notify Wait List families when an August lease is available for them.

May I try out the pool before committing to a membership?

Non-members may not use the HMSRC facilities unless they are a guest accompanied by a Full or Lease member. An applicant interested in a Full membership may secure a Lease Membership for one season to try the facilities before committing to a Full Membership.

May I continue to lease rather than purchase a Full Membership?

HMSRC typically does not grant perpetual leases. Lessees from the previous season will be given the opportunity to purchase a Full Membership as soon as one is available. If a Lessee declines the Full Membership, the Lessee will be removed from the Wait List and the Club will offer the membership to the next family in turn. If a Full Membership is not available for the next season, HMSRC may consider allowing past Lessees to enter into a second Lease Membership during the next season if one is available.

If I go on Absentee Membership status, may I use any part of the facilities and/or participate in any Club activities (including Swim Team)?

No, not for the season in which you are in Absentee Membership status. Your account will be re-activated upon payment of Annual Dues for the next season.

May members bring guests?

Yes, HMSRC allows members to bring guests into the Club for a fee of $6.00 per guest. You can purchase guest passes in the Member Splash Portal. To ensure all members will have access to the Club, the Club reserves the right to limit guests during certain peak attendance times, e.g., last day of school. The Club will endeavor to notify members of these limitations in advance.

Does HMSRC have a concession stand?

Yes. We are moving to cashless payments. We also have vending machines. Members may bring their own food and drinks (no glass!), and order delivery from a number of local restaurants that deliver to the pool.

Do Lessees have full access to all Club facilities and may Lessees participate in all Club activities?

Yes. Lessees have full access to all Club facilities and may participate in all Club activities (including Swim Team) during the season in which they have a Lease Membership with the Club. Lessees may not participate in voting on Club matters brought before the membership.

Do I need to be a member of HMSRC to participate in the Sharks swim team?

Yes, all swim team participants must be either Full or Lease members.

Do I get my membership fee back when I leave the Club?

No. The Membership Fee is one-time, non-transferable, and non-refundable.

May I convey my membership to the buyer of my house when I sell?

Yes. Please see membership conveyance procedures.